Magnesium chlorophyll 250mg

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Magnesium chlorophyll at 250 mg 99% What is remarkable about chlorophyll is its structure similar to that of hemoglobin. Unlike hemoglobin, which has an iron nucleus, chlorophyll has a magnesium nucleus

I - Product Information:
- Improving Blood Circulation
Strengthening the circulatory system by its similarity to hemoglobin
- Increasing the
oxygenation of the body
- Providing vital nutrients for the muscular system -
Fighting problems digestives and bad breath
- Neutralize bacterial
- Clean the body of certain toxic products
- Nourish the intestinal flora and facilitate transit - Protect
body from pollution and germs
- It is also very effective at cleaning
toxins from the intestine

II - Description:
In internal use:
In nature, chlorophyll is the main defence of plants against mould. This is probably why it is very effective for the remediation of the digestive tract, from the mouth to the rectum.
It is often effective against thrush (in the mouth) and vaginal fungus caused by candida albicans of digestive origin.
Externally used:
It can make an excellent mouthwash, especially in the case of gingivitis. It is suitable for remediation and healing of "necrotic" wounds that are slow to heal or are overinfection, such as those related to diabetes, fungi, eczema or psoriasis. Simply open a capsule of chlorophyll, sprinkle it on the wound and cover with a dressing, to be renewed several times a day depending on the nature of the wound. 49 Chlorophyll powder can also be mixed with a little Vaseline and the area to be treated can also be coated. Or better yet, replace Vaseline with Aloe vera gel, which is also an excellent healing and sanitizer.
Chlorophyll protects from toxic products A support in the treatment of cancer. Chlorophyll can play several supporting roles in the fight against these diseases. In many cases, chlorophyll has been observed to help to better withstand chemotherapy and to limit its side effects by allowing better recovery.

III - Tips for use:
Take 2 to 4 capsules a day with a large glass of water. Precautions: Prefer magnesian chlorophyll to copper chlorophyll. Take away from other dietary supplements (about 2 hours)

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