terms and conditions

Any order implies on the part of the buyer the acceptance of these conditions. Therefore, no contrary clause can be opposed to us if we have not formally accepted it.


The sale is considered final upon receipt of the order form and the corresponding payment.


We expressly reserve the right to update our prices for any order written on an expired order form. Our prices are inclusive of all taxes, from Luxembourg.


Unless otherwise stipulated, payment must be attached to the order. No order not accompanied by its payment can be honored.


The products become the property of the customer on the day and time of their dispatch or their removal from our premises. For hygiene reasons, no product is returned or exchanged.


Delivery takes place by handing over the products to a carrier for foreign countries or by post for France. Delivery times, if specified, are only indicative. In the event of a delay in delivery, the cancellation of the order can only be requested and obtained after a formal notice not followed by our fault, within a period of one month. Under no circumstances can we be asked for damages. We consider ourselves released from our obligations in terms of delivery time, in the event of the occurrence of any fact beyond our control, delay of the buyer in providing any document or information necessary for the performance of our obligations.


Complaints must be made, at the latest, within three days of receipt of the products, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. No return can be made without our written authorization.


The guarantee of our products is, by express agreement, strictly limited to the replacement of products that we have recognized as defective, to the exclusion of all costs, compensation and damages.


In the event of a dispute, of any nature whatsoever, the LUXEMBOURG Commercial Court will have sole jurisdiction.