Lower shipping costs


  Through the human qualities that the ORONALYS Laboratory defends on a daily basis, access to health is one of our priorities. Despite the general increase in prices (increase in the price of fuels and raw materials, postage costs, packing costs...), we have made the choice to lower the threshold of free shipping costs and also to lower these costs under this threshold.

This decision is made without altering the quality of our products.

Our manufacturing requirements remain the same and our quality charter is in no way modified: use of high titer extracts, acacia fiber as a sole excipient, PLA jars, 100% capsule plants, analysis, and traceability of production.

Shipping costs are free from an order of €60 instead of €80 (i.e. a reduction of 25%).
Below this threshold:
  • for Colissimo home delivery within 48 hours to Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, shipping costs go from €8 to €6 per shipment.

  • for sending via the Mondial Relay network (more than 45,000 relay points distributed throughout Europe) the price will be €4 per shipment.

  In addition, we maintain our offer of -10% on most of our references for batches of 3 identical products. Despite our best efforts, 25 products across our range of over 200 references had to be subject to a tariff readjustment. This was made necessary by the increase in the price of raw materials and the cost of their delivery. By mastering our sources of purchase and in constant negotiation for the quality and the price of our raw materials, our tariffs had not been modified for almost the laboratory creation; we will continue to monitor their development.

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