Aloe vera 30mg

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Aloe Vera also known as Aloe of Barbados

I - Product Information:
- Digestive Flora

- General

Anti-Inflammatory, Antifungal and Antiseptic
- Help to Prevent Skin, Bowel and Colon Cancer in association with Ginkgo Biloba


Promotes digestion


Detoxification of the body


Boosts immune defenses
- Protects against skin diseases (eczema, Dry skin, acne, psoriasis) in association with turmeric (in local application)
- Fighting aging in combination with Goji by cellular oxygenation
- Strengthens nails in association with spirulina
- Detoxifies in association with Panax Noto Ginseng
- Helps with skin healing

II - Description:
Aloe Vera is a species of the Aloe family and native to South Africa and the Mediterranean. This desert plant is resistant to drought thanks to the cells of its leaves that gorge themselves with water. The pulp extracted from the leaves with healing actions both externally to protect and treat the skin and in internal use to stimulate immune defenses. Aloe Vera promotes the elimination of toxins and relieves stomach cramps and stomach aches. In addition, this remarkable plant is recommended for diabetics and people with allergies or constipation. The Mayans called it "the fountain of youth" considering it the "beauty" plant par excellence. This amazing plant contains minerals, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.

III - Precautions, contraindications, side effects and interactions:
High doses can cause diarrhea by its laxative effect. Finally, Aloe vera has no toxicity and no contraindications in addition to other substances.

IV - Tips for use:
1 capsule per day or as advised by your therapist.


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