Broccoli 500mg

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I - Product Information:
- Stomach Acid Regulation Action
Antioxidant, Improves Cardiovascular Health and Eye Function
Reduces Risk of Cancer (especially Breast Cancer)
Fighting Helycobacter
- Pylori

II - Description:
Broccoli contains large amounts of glucosinates. Once absorbed, glucosinate is transformed into sulphoraphane capable of both blocking and suppressing cancer cells. According to researchers at the University of Michigan, sulphoraphane has been able to target and destroy cancer cells and prevent the growth of new cancers. Sulphoraphane is able to inhibit carcinogenic-promoting enzymes, induce cell death and block several mechanisms, and reduce the synthesis of tumor neo-vessels, thus avoiding metastatic proliferation. It is known that many cancers, but especially breast cancers, begin or recur from a small population of cancer stem cells. The researchers injected mice with breast cancer (human equivalent of breast cancer) with different concentrations of sulphoraphane, broccoli extract. They found that sulphoraphane is effectively capable of inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells and even destroying them. The higher the sulphoraphane concentrations, the faster the number of tumor cells declines. Sulphoraphane is even shown to inhibit stem cell growth.

III - Tips for use:
2 capsules twice a day or as advised by your therapist.

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